Is the equipment you sell backed by any warranty?

Currently, G-Force Technical will warranty any equipment it owns and sells IF we do the installation. This warranty will be 30 day parts only warranty.

Is the equipment you sell available for demonstration prior to buy off?

Absolutely.  Like our “About Us” page states, we have a 13,000 square foot facility in Springtown, TX, just minutes outside of Ft. Worth, where you can come in and “kick the tires” before you buy.

What is your experience with Electronic Assembly Equipment?

The owners of G-Force Technical are both Manufacturing Engineers by education and have a combined 55+ years in the industry, working for some of the largest Electronics Manufacturers in the world.

Will you consider trade allowances for upgrading equipment?

We are open to reviewing all aspects of a deal which can include some type of trade-in allowance.

Are your technicians trained in specific repairs?

Yes. We have several technicians that allow us the flexibility to refurbish and test out a variety of equipment. Every piece of equipment that G-Force Technical owns goes through a rigorous check and testing procedure.

Is installation included with the purchase price?

No. We are happy to provide you with an installation quote but unfortunately this is not built into the price of the piece of equipment.